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The cast of ‘Black Adam’ is captained by one of the hottest men in Hollywood; Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson himself. The actor returns to collaborate with director Jaume Collet-Serra after ‘Jungle Cruise’, and dons the skintight costume of the DC antihero after his work in franchises like ‘Jumanji’ and ‘Fast & Furious’, and after prestigious roles like the one in HBO’s highly recommended ‘Ballers’.

Alongside Johnson are names like Sarah Sahi -as Isis-, Noah Centineo -who will play Atom Smasher-, Aldis Hodge -who will wear the wings of Hawkman- or Pierce Brosnan, who will play the mythical Doctor Fate.

The top man responsible for ‘Black Adam’ joined the project in June 2019, and he is the Los Angeles-based Catalan Jaume Collet-Serra. A fantastic filmmaker with the essence of a craftsman who debuted in 2005 with the hilarious remake of ‘The House of Wax’ -in which we saw Paris Hilton being brutally murdered-, and who made genre fans fall in love in 2009 with the twisted and surprising ‘The Orphan’.

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In the coming days it will be difficult for you to take off the wheel in GTA Online for the various special activities that will give you more rewards than usual, in addition to discounts, items to unlock for free and much more. All this we are going to see in the following guide in which we are going to tell you everything you will find until June 29.

Those of you who visit The Diamond Casino & Resort don’t forget to spin the Fortune Roulette, because thanks to it you will be able to win prizes such as money, clothes, accessories or the podium vehicle, which is none other than the Dinka RT3000 convertible.

Those of you who need to become members of the LS Car Meet can take advantage of the fact that these days it costs 50% less, while the sizes, their modifications and upgrades have a 30% discount, but there are also a few cars that will be cheaper than usual during the next few days:

As usual, simply logging into the game at any time will net you $100,000, though you must be a Prime Gaming subscriber and have linked your account with Rockstar’s Social Club account to do so. In addition, there are a number of other methods for you to earn an additional $200,000 until June 30.

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During 2020, one of the most talked about video games was the hilarious Fall Guys. The virtual equivalent of the summer Grand Prix became the title everyone was talking about and gave us hours and hours of fun with its lighthearted mini-games.

As of yesterday, Fall Guys is no longer a paid game, but a completely free title. As we already advanced last month, Mediatonic sae has moved to the free-to-play model, and has also introduced cross-play to unify its communities. That is, you can now play with your PlayStation, Xbox and Switch friends.

That said, if you want to download the game on Steam, the platform that previously hosted it, you’re in for a surprise. Fall Guys has left Valve’s platform for good. Where has it gone? As you can imagine, it has now moved to the Epic Games Store.

Total, if you want to enjoy Fall Guys completely free on PC, now you’ll have to do it by entering the Epic store. Of course, now you will be able to save your progression on other systems, so I recommend you also take a look at the options to link your Epic account with consoles, if you also play on them.

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The developer of the game ‘Axie Infinity’, Sky Mavis, will start reimbursing from June 28 users who were hacked on its platform, after $625 million was stolen from the title at the end of March 2022.

The perpetrators of the attack were able to obtain $25.5 million in USDC, a dollar-linked stablecoin, in addition to 173,600 ether, which had a price at the time of approximately $600 million. However, following the drop in cryptocurrency prices, the funds that users recovered will be worth much less, 60% lower than at the time of the theft.

Sky Mavis reported that affected players will be able to withdraw one ether token for each one they lost, but for this operation, the developer will only have to return the equivalent of about $216.5 million instead of more than $600 million. The refund process will begin on June 28, the day the Ronin software bridge where the hackers’ attack was directed will be restarted.